Retargeting or remarketing is not a new term for digital marketers. Learn here how to run retargeting ads without annoying your prospects.

You might have observed banner ads following you across multiple websites once you visited a particular brand or product. This is retargeting.

If you visit a brand’s website and log onto your social media you might find ads of this brand again, this is social retargeting.

These ads no fun unless you are running them. Let’s see how advertisers can use different platforms to retarget website visitors.

How To Run Retargeting Ads Without Annoying Your Prospects
Run Retargeting Ads Without Annoying Your Prospects

To do that we need to look into available platforms for retargeting

These platforms are:

Google Ads
Facebook and Instagram
YouTube and LinkedIn

If you have been running retargeting campaigns on these platforms you know it is profitable to retarget as the cost is much cheaper and the audiences are already qualified for your business as they have visited your website.

That been said, it gets annoying after seeing these ads following you fall around the web all the time.

How can you retarget without being too annoying and interruptive?

1) Personalization is the key to keep every happy.
2) The more you personalize the retargeting campaign based on the time
3) Time spend on spend on each page
4) Analyzing the pages a user has visited and their current stage in the buying cycle.

The personalization strategy is more rewarding for the customer as well as the advertiser

So the best practices to use retargeting campaign effectively are:

1) Personalization
2) Limit the frequency of the ads
3.) Target the right audience

Retargeting can be irritating and annoying as well as rewarding for the customer depending on how retargeting strategics and tactics are planned.

If you have any questions in setting up your retargeting campaigns, please don’t hesitate to contact us today.