We all know Google ads platform is one the most powerful and effective in sending customers to your business.

In this post, we are going to look at a few secrets of running successful campaigns apart from the quality score but optimization and landing page optimization.

If you are an expert in Google ads or not you must have or will at some point cause more damage to your campaign by micro focusing.

What is miro focusing on?

In google ads or any platform for that matter, it is easier to just focus on one part of the campaign of the sales funnel.

For example, you might only optimize bids but poorly optimize landing pages which in turn affects the campaign negatively.

Relevancy is the key

Relevancy in terms of Google ads campaign is when your landing page and your ad copy is the most relevant to the keyword search you are bidding for.

Even though it is common sense and simple concept, most google advertisers fail due to the lack of relevancy. This drains a lot of money down the sink.

It does not matter how good your optimization or ad copy is but if your landing page relevancy is not matching the user ident, your campaign is sure to fail.

Creating the relevancy throughout the funnel will keep your customers engaged until they actually transact with you.

When Google ads campaigns are run keeping this simple overall picture of relevancy in mind you will notice improvements in conversions and cost reduction.

Step by step implementation

1. Create a visual structure of the funnel from the keyword to the sales entry points and funnel.

2. Map out the indent of the campaigns and keywords making sure that indent is maintained throughout identifying the user’s requirement

3. Provide the value, satisfy the search for the query of the user. If the user is searching for an SUV car do not serve them trucks on your landing pages.

This might feel like a lot if you are just starting out but the concept is really simple once repeated consistently throughout the funnel and campaigns, your quality score will rise and improve the overall performance of your ad accounts on Google.