As a digital marketing agency in Dubai, when businesses approach us for lead generation, the first question is always “how soon can we start generating leads?”

The answer most of the time is that “it depends on a variety of factors”.

The strategy is different from industry to industry and business to business.

If a business already has a good or well-fueled sales funnel and sales team, half the work is already done.

Quick Google ads lead generation works mostly with businesses like repairs services, product manufacturers, consultants, electricians, plumbers, dentists, software developers, educational institutions, e-commerce etc. where the customers are looking for an immediate need.

If your product or services are in demand and people are searching for it online, this method will work for you. In case you have a product that requires a more detailed introduction, for example, B2B leads, you might require more time before you can convert the lead to a sale.

In the last 15 years in the digital marketing industry, our teams have improved and developed this basic lead generation method into multiple systems like the PROSPER Funnels strategy but first let’s look into the basics now.

Getting started with Google Ads lead generation

The fastest lead generation online channel has always been the Google ads platform. You can set up a Google ads campaign and start receiving leads within the first 24 hrs.

To start your lead generation campaign on Google, you need to have the following

  1. A Gmail account to create Google ads account
  2. A credit card for billing
  3. A landing page to capture the leads

The advantage of Google ads is that you have very deep control over certain crucial factors of the campaign, unlike traditional offline advertising channels.

The advantages are:
  1. Target your audience through exact keywords 
  2. Avoid certain audiences using negative keywords
  3. Location-based targeting to a precision of up to a mile radius. 
  4. You could control your daily and monthly budget.
  5. You can decide how much you are willing to pay per click for a particular keyword.
  6. You can control when people see your ads during the day or night. This helps in setting up ads based on your working hours.

That been said, to get the best out of your campaigns, you need to drive the traffic to a very targeted landing page directly talking to your target audience. 

Google ads platform is one of the best channels to generate qualified leads as short as within a few hours as long as you are implementing the right Google ads strategy suitable for your business.