SEO takes some time to show results is this true?

If you ask us, we would say “it depends” on a lot of factors, some key ones are like

  • Domain age
  • Domain authority
  • Quality of the content
  • Indexing rate of the website

In the article, we will look into a few reasons why we should start working on your website SEO as soon as possible.

We usually have this conversation with business owners regarding SEO practices. Most business owners believe SEO is the most difficult channel to attract customers to their business. This thought is formed over a period of time because they have customers coming through other channels like referrals and walk-in-ins.

Most of the time if the majority of the customers are walking in or referrals, it creates belief or bias towards this, and other channels did not work the investment of time money or the effort.

Beliefs can be true or false depending on how well they have been formed from facts. For example, one of our clients believed that referrals were the best ( They are most of the time) but neglected SEO and SEM until they came in touch with a business in another country in the same industry.

Their best channel for lead generation was Google search ads. Let’s analyze this the logical way, even if a prospect is referred by an existing client, they would most of the time do a Google search for the brand name and this way SEO will not bring in new customers but also convert those referral prospects into customers in the way of reputation management.

Seo brings brand awareness and reach

If a website is ranking on Google, it will receive a high volume of customers as they search for products and services related to the business.

When a user visits your website from the search engines. You have the opportunity to capture their details and follow up.

You can use email capturing and automation applications ( most of the time free) to nurture these leads and more than move them across the funnel.

SEO rankings depend on a lot of factors including the quality of your website content you publish on a daily basis and the number of backlinks pointing to your website, but sooner you start the better. Sometimes if you have a new website and you have a low authority website in search engine competing with your website you could rank in a few months’ time.

Google trusts established sites and as your SEO efforts progress your website domain authority increases and it gains trust, as a result, you will be way ahead of the competition who still believe referral clients are the only possible channel to grow the business.